Tecnicomar S.p.A. joined the FREE WATER Project promoted by the Rotary club of Marsala and welcomed by the school director Dr. Domenico Pocorobba of IST. TEC. AGRARIO “A. DAMIANI ” located in Via Trapani 218 Marsala.

The aim we would like to pursue is to significantly reduce the use of plastic material in school communities, preferring recyclable and reusable solutions in order to raise awareness of the environmental damage caused by incorrect behavior or sometimes performed without knowing the real effects on ‘ecosystem. By promoting the FREE WATER Project for a sustainable future, a synergistic effect is immediately obtained between students, families and the whole community … With the placement of Tecnicomar water dispensers and distributors at IST. TEC. AGRARIO “A. DAMIANI “in Marsala, students will be able to drink fresh and pure water for free and fill their water bottles inside the school premises, thus contributing – thanks to the decrease in the use of plastic – to generate a sustainable value over time and to nourish the sense of social responsibility, as active citizens aimed at building a better society ”- commented Dr. Giuseppe Roberto Mezzapelle, Tecnicomar manager during the inaugural speech.

The following people were present: the president of the Rotary Club of Marsala, Dr Giuseppe Abate, the school director Dr Domenico Pocorobba , Tecnicomar Manager Dr. Giuseppe Roberto Mezzapelle, the sole administrator of Tecnicomar Laura De Vita, the teachers and the school staff.

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