The Maritime Executive wrote an article about our Ecomar S:

Tecnicomar Presents its New Sewage Treatment Plant: ECOmar S

Tecnicomar takes a further step forward with the presentation of a new treatment system for onboard black and gray water: ECOmar S.

Created for the marine sector, it is designed to meet the needs of this particular market segment: it is extremely light and compact (the main unit is in polypropylene to save weight) and can easily be installed even in small spaces such as an engine room. It is made from corrosion resistant materials and supports extreme conditions of temperature, humidity and vibration.

The system can also be customized (multi-tank control, different footprint, skid layout, dedicated accessories and other tailor-made solution on request) and is made with high-efficiency components to ensure low energy consumption. It is suitable for any power source on board.

Launched last February, ECOmar S offers better performance than the earlier model. The new sewage treatment plant allows the water to be reused for toilet flushing. Easy to run with totally automatic operation, it can be monitored remotely. ECOmar S is a complete integrated system, available in different sizes covering a wide range of capacity to better fulfill all the needs of every kind of application.

The system is supplied with an approval certificate conforming to IMO/MARPOL MEPC 227(64) regulations, including Section 4.2 for Passenger Ships in Special Areas.

With this new product, Tecnicomar confirms once again its continuous research into the most complex water treatment challenges. There are eight ECOmar S models available with water treatment capacities (in liters per day) from 2,000 to 54,500 with maximum consumption from 0.7 kW to 12.1 kW.

More information is available here and Tecnicomar staff can be contacted by email here.

Special Green Series: Reverse Osmosis Watermakers

Tecnicomar Sailor Special Green series of reverse osmosis watermakers are designed to reduce the demand for energy per liter/gallon of freshwater produced. Thanks to overall improvements, such as the installation of innovative membranes, the system gives an energy savings of 35 percent compared with conventional reverse osmosis plants while producing 60 percent more drinkable water.

The new STDC SY Framed series is the ideal reverse osmosis system for the production of high quantities of fresh water from sea water. It is highly reliable, suitable for non-stop operation and designed to work under extreme temperature and vibration conditions.

The watermaker can be customized for specific exigencies and can include some accessories in the main frame, saving space and creating a plug and play system.

Assembled on a common solid stainless steel frame, Tecnicomar STDC SY fresh water generators are equipped with an electro-mechanical control panel with an intuitive display that allows for easy management of all functions.

There is the option for a fully automatic version with an auto start and stop system connected to the freshwater tank level. Post filtration is also available for each model.

The Company

Tecnicomar has been producing reverse osmosis watermakers and water purifying systems for yachting, naval, offshore, industrial, residential and military applications for more than 40 years. Over that time, Tecnicomar has built a strong reputation within the maritime industry for technologically advanced and fully customizable plant. Nowadays, the company delivers its systems all over the world through a large network of factory-trained sales and service centers. Some of the most important companies worldwide are using Tecnicomar equipment.

Tecnicomar has several Quality Management System certificates, issued by some of the most important international authorities such as DNV GL for ISO 9001/2015 Quality Certification and OHSAS 18001:2007 Management System Certification.